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Name Address Phone Category
Anser Charter School 202 E 42nd St 208-426-9840 Public School Homes near Anser Charter School
Challenger School Boise 5551 Bloom St 208-338-9500 Private School Homes near Challenger School Boise
Collister Elementary School 4426 W Catalpa Dr 208-854-4650 Public School Homes near Collister Elementary School
Cynthia Mann Elementary School 5401 Castle Dr 208-854-4680 Public School Homes near Cynthia Mann Elementary School
Hidden Springs Elementary School 5480 W Hidden Springs Dr 208-229-4727 Public School Homes near Hidden Springs Elementary School
Hillside Junior High School 3536 Hill Rd 208-854-5120 Public School Homes near Hillside Junior High School
Learning Treeinc 2908 N 28th St 208-342-7821 Private School Homes near Learning Treeinc
Lowell Elementary School 1507 N 28th St 208-854-5480 Public School Homes near Lowell Elementary School
Pierce Park Elementary School 5015 N Pierce Park Ln 208-854-5880 Public School Homes near Pierce Park Elementary School
Riverglen Jr High School 6801 Gary Ln 208-854-5910 Public School Homes near Riverglen Jr High School
Rolling Hills Public Charter School 8900 Horseshoe Bend Rd 208-939-5400 Public School Homes near Rolling Hills Public Charter School
Shadow Hills Elementary School 8301 W Sloan St 208-854-6060 Public School Homes near Shadow Hills Elementary School
Treasure Valley Math/Science 6801 Gary Ln 208-854-6802 Public School Homes near Treasure Valley Math/Science
William Howard Taft Elementary School 3722 W Anderson St 208-854-6180 Public School Homes near William Howard Taft Elementary School

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